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I'm Letting You Decide

I'm trying to figure out what i want my first tattoo to be. A while back I put up a pictured I designed (which could be viewed here) but I'm not sure I want to use that anymore.

Now, I'm sure i want my first tattoo to be Peter Pan related and I have a few things I would like, but I'm not sure which one I want, so I'm letting everyone who actually views my few posts decide.
A) 2nd Star to the RightB) tink6C TinkerBell Canvas
D Tinkerbell Wallpaper-23 E to_die_would_be_an_awfully_big_adventure_by_lostamongstthestars-d4ot6gn F) tumblr_mbtbm7APsz1ri03p3o1_500
G) tumblr_m90rv7MM241qacpydo1_500H) tumblr_m3kfw59FIs1roua0fo1_500I) stars
J) tumblr_m4rfjph5341qg25aio1_500K) images2
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